"If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character, would you slow down? Or speed up?"

Chuck Palahniuk
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Going to School


think of all the people who scrolled away

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"What’s the question that you’re sick of answering? Did I ask it?"

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I’ll take good care of you. I promise.

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Are you sure you wanna know what this is all about?

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Sarah as Cosima.

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what shocked me the most wasn’t helena not being dead, but helena saying ‘excuse me’ when she was that injured, like whoa, you got shot, made it to the hospital on legs, found the information counter and freaking politely asked, ‘excuse me, my sestra shot me.’ HELENA, YOU FUCKING HEROINE.

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But really, can we just take a moment to all about how much Sarah clearly cares for Cosima? She goes in Cosima’s place to the DYAD event and makes nice with Leekie, a man that Sarah doesn’t like herself, and also says that she(as Cosima) wants her own lab, WHICH COSIMA DOES WANT BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO DO HER OWN RESEARCH AWAY FROM PRYING EYES AND WE SEE IN THE NEXT EPISODE THAT SHE DOES INDEED GET HER OWN LAB AND JUST these two are going to ruin me

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I looked at those lips and said, “Please God, give me this part” and I got it. The rest is now we’re sitting here talking to you about making out. —

Rita Volk. (x)

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katie stevens + instagram (feat. rita volk)

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